Take Singing Lessons From Home

Take Singing Lessons

From Home

Truly understand how your voice works and take control of your singing. Fun and engaging lessons via video call with Maví, an experienced and certified singing teacher.

Develop Your Singing

Enjoy Yourself

What Students Say

  • Vocal Strength and Flexibility

  • Mixed Voice

  • Improve Pitch and Tone

  • Song Interpretation

  • Personalized Vocal Exercises

Voice Lessons

In the private singing lessons, you’ll learn step by step all the proper vocal techniques you need to master your singing voice. Through personalized vocal exercises and songs you love you will gradually gain control of your mixed voice, tension release, breath support, belting, improve your range and pitch, besides rhythm and song interpretation.

Personalized Content

The lessons are always one-to-one and live, so you’ll receive personalized teaching and content. Every vocal exercise and backing track will be adapted for your voice and will be available for you in the cloud so that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Got any questions? You can count on me: send me a message and we can solve it together.

As a Bonus…

If you want to learn how to accompany yourself while singing, you can take guitar lessons with no extra cost within your regular lesson time. You’re also invited to learn Harmony, an amazing tool that will not only benefit your singing but also deepen your musical knowledge and enable you to play songs by ear.

About Maví

Maví is a Brazilian voice teacher, singer, guitarist and composer. He is a certified voice teacher through New York Vocal Coaching, one of the leading voice studios in the world, and also holds a bachelor’s degree in contemporary singing from FAAM (Faculdade de Artes Alcântara Machado), São Paulo. Having taught music for 14 years, Maví has, in 2019, started teaching online lessons worldwide in English and French.

His work as a musician covers many genres such as Samba, Bossa Nova and Jazz. His first album “Numa festa que imagino,” featuring ten authorial songs, was officially released and distributed on digital platforms in 2018 by Tratore. Maví has performed in cities such as São Paulo, Lyon, Paris, Lisbon (selected as part of the Cultural Promotion Program of Brazil’s Department of Culture, 2013) and Tehran (invited by the Brazilian Embassy in Tehran, 2014).

Cost of Voice Lessons

Duration: 1h lesson

One-to-one via Zoom

Cancellation/rescheduling policy: 24h

Pay only after first regular lesson

  • Lesson fee: USD $70 per lesson 
  • 4 lessons package: USD $60 per lesson

*Package of lessons: fixed weekly lessons (4 weeks in a row).

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